Happy New Year from Clayhaus

January 13, 2024

Here’s hoping 2024 is filled with happiness, success, and COLOR!

Was it just us or did you all also notice a big uptick in both the number and the intensity of holiday lighting displays this past season? While our sustainability-minded self thought briefly about the excess energy these displays consume, we must admit that as we walked, biked, and drove the streets of Portland last month, the many festive, bodacious, and very colorful lights we saw made us feel cheerful, celebratory and optimistic.

To us, at least, it seemed people had decided to use holiday lights to say, “It’s time we put the grey pessimism of the COVID Era behind us and move into 2024 with bright, colorful hope!” And to that, we say, “Amen!”

It really has been a tough few years for many of us. But we can change that going forward. In November, we were reminded by our friends at Portland architecture and interior design studio RALLYMADE that adding color to our lives is, as the firm’s newsletter put it, “a time-tested way to change your mood and boost productivity.” The newsletter goes on to state, “…after our COVID hibernation, we’re all craving a brighter environment!” We couldn’t agree more.

The idea that color can be a mood booster is not new; RALLYMADE founder Jennifer Wright addressed it in this 2017 article she penned for Dwell and there are countless other references to the concept throughout time. But every now and again we all could use a reminder, and for that, Jennifer, we thank you.

So, here’s to the optimism that every new year brings… Let 2024 be filled with COLOR… For all of us!


Megan and Jason

RALLYMADE Walks the Talk

Jennifer Wright at studio RALLYMADE, doesn’t just talk color theory, she puts it right to work in her practice. We love how she incorporated Clayhaus 2×8 Coastal tile into this bathroom renovation in Portland’s Burlingame neighborhood. 

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

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