Handcrafted Tile American Made

We dig “The Look.” It’s a no-fuss British and Italian design style that cropped up in everything from furniture to clothing, and yes, even tile. It’s reminiscent of everything we love about the 60s—the Beatles, mini-skirts, and op art fabrics, to name a few. The Futura Collection is inspired by this dynamic, minimalist style and harkens back to our favorite era.

Mix and match our five Futura tile designs—“Portal”, “Bubble Hex”, “Bubble”, “Level”, and “Disk” for a unique, bold look that’s all your own.

“The bolt of inspiration came from ‘The Look’—a dynamic, no-fuss design style described so succinctly in Lesley Jackson’s book, The Sixties: A Decade of Design.

Jason Coleman, Creative Director

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