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Futura Collection

Futura Collection

Check out our coolest design series, inspired by “The Look”, a term coined to describe dynamic, no-fuss design styles from Britain and Italy that exploded onto the 1960s U.S. pop culture scene along with the Beatles, mini skirts, and op art fabrics. Fifty years ago, The Look cropped up in everything from clothing to furniture and, yes, even tile. Now Clayhaus is bringing it back. The Futura Collection consists of five unique tile designs known as “Portal”, “Bubble Hex”, “Bubble”, “Level”, and “Disk”. The designs are intended to be used individually as feature tiles, in feature strips, or as field tile. They can be mixed and matched to create a variety of bold looks.

Futura Collection
3" x 3" Disk
2 1/2" Bubble Hex
3" x 3" Bubble
3" x 3" Bubble Disk Blend
3" x 3" Level
3" x 3" Portal
2 1/2" Bubble Hex-Flat Hex Blend
3" x 3" Bubble Blend
Futura Inspiration

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