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Signal Tile is a collection of dimensional geometric tile designed to capture your imagination. It begs you to play with the tiles to design and assemble your own unique space. This collection is a collaboration between Clayhaus Modern Tile and Portland based designer, Kristine Morich. The range of six individual tiles can be applied in continuous repeats or combined to create bespoke patterns. Signal is both modern and playful, falling right in line with all the beautiful product available here at Clayhaus.

Each tile of the Signal Tile collection measures 4” x 4” and is available to order in any of our custom colors. With over 100 glazes to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect palette for your project. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our product.

Pattern Inspiration
Half Bias Pattern
Bias Pattern
Half Bias Pattern
Radius Pattern
Radius Pattern
Radius Pattern
Half Linear Pattern
Linear Pattern
Mixed Tile Pattern
Full Radius Pattern
Full Radius Pattern
Mixed Tile Pattern
Pattern Guide

Wall covering as a vehicle of personal expression was the driving concept for the Signal Tile Collection. The ultimate goal was to create dimensional shapes that would act as a toolbox for anyone to compose their own custom pattern. Signal reinforces and expands the modularity of tile with its six tile designs.  Most decorative tile can be limiting in terms of adapting a pattern to the scale of a space, however, Signal can create both small and large format patterns. It is this aspect of customization that sets the collection apart from most tile.

Half Linear Patterns
Linear Patterns
Half Bias Patterns
Half Bias and Bias Patterns
Full Radius Patterns
Radius patterns
Mixed Tile Patterns


Kristine Morich is a Portland based multi-disciplinary designer that specializes in product, lighting, and furniture design. While studying industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Kristine fell in love with ceramics and was hooked after the first kiln she fired. She established her own studio in 2008 and continues to be inspired by the interplay between ceramics and design. She is especially drawn to how color, texture, and pattern can transform an interior. The combination of these elements can help to create a sense of dimension and movement within a space. The marriage of process, materials, and craft is very important for all of her designs, which perfectly aligns with the Clayhaus philosophy.


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